Project 57

Project to Update the Guzzetta '57 Chevy
001  The "Before" picture 003  Engine before 004  Dropping off 005  Engine out
006  Steam cleaned, ready for primer 009  Front end out 028  Custom hinge covers 029  Primed up
031  Engine in 040  Getting all the right plumbing 041  New stance 045  Milling the wheel centers at Rushforth's manufacturing shop in WA.
047  Centers all done 048  Finished front wheel 049  Finished rear wheel. 52  I love these tires!  They were a great suggestion.
053  Brakes before and after 055  Front end before and after 059  Thanks to Bowtie Overdrives for the great 4L60E Level 2 Transmission!  This transmission was made for these LS engines. 061  New front end: QA1 Coil overs, Baer brakes, and CPP A-arms and sway bar,
062  The Rushforth wheels really add to the look. 063 064 065  Engine before and after
65  Car before and after 146  There is some artistry that comes into play, like these Leaf mounts 148  Looks like they belong there 67  New Rearend is in and ready.
69  Rear brakes all plumbed.  These will be able to stop a train...and they might have to 73  These calipers allow for an emergency brake 75  The yellow calipers will look great behind the wheels 77
79  Classic Instruments Dash going in.  This will work great with all the new electronics of the LS engine. 81  Magnaflow and Stainless Steel Exhaust went in today.  It is brushed to match the brushed aluminum in the engine bay. 85  Nice exhaust tips out the back 82  Plumbing up the Vintage A/C.
83  Working on the cold air intake and MAF. 84  Like the lower rear stance...and those wheels! 87  Almost 60 years of difference...  These are 3.55 positraction.  The housing was custom cut and built by Kevin at the shop.  Should be all set to handle more horsepower now. 90  New Hinges and covers really look nice.  The covers are one-off metal covers by Mike at the shop.  He added a raised panel look to give it a stamped factory look.  The hinges are Ring Brothers air frame in natural.
92  A/C is all plumbed up.  I like the braided hoses. 95  I went with a hydroboost master cylinder to avoid clearance issues, and will make stopping easy! 97  Dash guages came out nice 99  I like the look of the rims and tires.  It has a shiny rim ring and brushed center that compliments the moldings and inserts on the car, as well as the Engine bay. The Big Baer yellow brake calipers and drilled rotors behind just add to the look.
101  The stance is just right, after lowering just a bit.  Wheels and stance are everything. 102  Battery and cutoff in the trunk to clean up the engine bay.  This is also a great security feature as you can cutoff the power to the car easily in the trunk. 103  Fronts are nice too, and have a lower stance than before. 108  Cool Cold Air Intake pipes and MAF sensor, brushed to match the underhood theme
110  The cold air intake will add some horsepower. 122  All plumbed up and ready to go. Startup  Starting the new engine for the first time 125  Back on all fours; just need shocks. Nice new tank.
128  It is a stout little guy now. 130  Kimmy likes it 132  Just some A/C electrical wiring left 135  Looking good...
140  Engine Bay Before and After.  No battery and hoses are braided for a nice look 144  Underneath shot... 152  Engine all buttoned up 162  All put back together
165  Interior too 166  Just some fine tuning left 167  Hood back on 169  Just about done, I like the tidy engine bay with no battery, braided hoses, brushed master cylinder, intake, radiator, and engine brakets. Really ties things together and will be easy to keep clean.  What a great look.
180  All done 182  Ready to go home 184  Proud Papa! 186  Thanks Pacific Fabrication, I'll try to care of it!
guzzetta4 IMG 2847  All Done...sort of IMG 3035 IMG 3234  Now instead of we go, good luck - It is now Come on, let's go!!!
What Fun!  What Fun! IMG 3806  I swapped the stock Fuel Rail covers with some custom ones I made from a place called AAT. IMG 3803  The new ones have the crossed flag emblem.   They look pretty spiffy.