Guzzetta 57 Inserts

Swapping inserts on my '57 Chevy
1  The before shot...the gold was completely gone from the emblems after the 50+ years on the car. 2  After taking out backseat and rear door panels, I removed the clips holding the trim pieces. 3  Now is the time to clean up the area behind the panels.  Soap and water gently first to get the dirty grime off, then a coat of wax. 4  All clean, mostly... It will be hidden anyway, but good to get it as clean as possible.
5  Start with the inserts.  Don't feel you need to glue them down.  Originally they were held in place with two very small screws until the trim pieces go on.  The trim pieces hold them down well. 6  Nice new gold on the inserts.  I upgraded to the Forged gold emblems that give it the original appearance and not the shiny gold that some have. 7  Everything put back together.  The new gold emblems really make it look great!  For this project, I used Danchuk part # 573S inserts and also replaced the lower and upper spear moldings and clips. 8  It took about three hours including removing everything, cleaning up, and installing the new stuff.  I've done it before though so I knew where all the secret screws are that hold it all together.