Beth Herner's 1936 Sedan

Restoration of Beth Herner's 1936 Chevrolet Standard Sedan
36 first day  The "Before" picture - Just purchased the car. 36 front  Just purchased the car. : 1936 36 plate  The firewall plate showing it was made in Oakland and was the 7,864th car off the assembly line. : 1936 36 door panel  The lovely paisley interior door panels. : 1936
herner  Body and metal work 1 getting primed  Getting her primed and ready for paint 2 Disk breaks  New Disc Brakes! 3  upholstery  Interior Upholstery
36 engin  The newly rebuilt engine being delivered from Redding CA. : 1936 4 body paint  Paint being laid down car 10-29-15  Fenders on and almost together car with wheels 2  On all fours now!
car with lights on  Almost there...